About Siena | Society

Siena is a concept store in the heart of Parnell, offering Society Limonta’s range for bed, bath and dining exclusively to New Zealand. The space is located in Parnell, the city’s oldest suburb, full of charm and character, well known for it’s vibrant mix of rich heritage and modern sophistication.

"Dress your home like you dress yourself"

Society Limonta was founded in the year 2000 from the establishing idea of creating innovative home couture solutions, exploring new colour variations and manufacturing processes for table, bed and bathroom linens. This amazing journey includes also a few exclusive indoor and outdoor garments.

It’s strong “fashion” vocation has transformed the idea of home couture, creating a new opportunity that didn’t even exist before: dressing our own home, as if we dressing ourselves, privileging the mix&match philosophy, combining or separating colours, prints fabrics, abolishing the established concept of “set”. This infinite number of combinations, allows customers to cultivate their own creativity and communicate their personal style.